Fun, Comfortable, Durable & Safe Headphones For Kids
Frequently Asked Questions
Are the speakers adjustable?

Yes - the speakers in the headband are completely removable and adjustable. Here are some simple instructions for adjusting the placement of the speakers.

How to Adjust for the Perfect Fit:

Place the headband on the user and pull the band down to cover the ears.

Using a piece of tape, mark the position of the ears where the speakers should rest.

Remove the headband. Using two fingers, reach in the opening of the headband and separate the material from the flat speaker.

Position the speaker in the area that you marked with tape.

Press the material around the speaker to secure in place.

That’s it. The speakers should now be aligned with the users’ ears.

Is the headband washable?

Yes - CozyPhones headbands are washable. See below for care instructions:

  1. Remove speakers

  2. Wash on cold, gentle cycle

  3. Air dry flat

Do CozyPhones have a volume limit?

Our kids' headphones are indeed volume limited to 85 decibels. They are great for noise issues, travel, sleep, play, and more.

How comfortable are CozyPhones to sleep with?

Even side sleepers find CozyPhones to be comfortable enough to sleep with That's why we call them "CozyPhones" after all. The speakers are less than 1/8" thick and covered with foam and then tucked inside the headband so as not to create extra pressure on your ears. The width of the speaker (slightly larger than a quarter) also helps to create a comfortable fit for hours of comfortable sleep or relaxation.

Will these headphones fit my child?

Many people order CozyPhones for their kids and have shared feedback that the fit is perfect and comfortable. However, we recommend checking out our sizing chart found below: