Fun, Comfortable, Durable & Safe Headphones For Kids
Customer Reviews

BlueVerified Purchase, November 3, 2018

Stop debating and GET THESE! Everyone with young kids should have these! My 2 yr old and 4 yr old each used a set on a recent plane trip and these, with iPads, made the whole trip that I had been dreading a breeze! My 2yrold hates things on her head, but she didn’t mind once she heard the sound coming from it, and she kept it on for most of the 2.5 hr flight. There is a little bit of stretch to the material, but not much. It’s basically fleece. My kids heads are about 18-20 inches and these fit them fine with no problems.

Alfredo, May 25, 2018

Wow I cannot say enough how awesome these are! I purchased the unicorn ones for my 4 year old and 1 year old as we travel quite a bit. They are not only super cute but super comfortable. Both were so excited to open them as they were a surprise. My 4 year old loves to wear them at home too. They are easily adjustable and they are loud enough for an airplane yet quiet enough to where I cannot hear them when they have them on. One thing I will say is that every time you put them on you most likely will have to adjust them but it’s not a big deal and takes no time at all. Often times I can just move them without having to fully that them off of their heads.

Raelyn Houston, December 23, 2017

I bought these for my four year old granddaughter. She has many pairs of headphones, but she always refuses to wear them because she says they either hurt her ears, or they’re too big. She has had these a couple of weeks now, and my house and car have never been so quiet.She loves them. She can hear her games and videos perfecttly, and they are very, very comfortable for her to wear. These headphones are definitely worth the investment! As a bonus, the cord that connects them to the device is cloth wrapped, which means it won’t crack and break like the plastic wrapped cords.

BlueVerified Purchase, March 27, 2018

I bought these headphones for my daughters (ages 2 & 5) and they LOVE them. One of my girls wears hearing aids and these seem to fit comfortably over the hearing aids and do not cause feedback like other headphone options.

I like that the speaker pieces can be moved to create a custom fit for anyone wearing them.

The fleece is soft and stretchy, and best of all, washable. I wish the fun kids headband styles came in adult sizes!!!

BlueVerified Purchase, August 28, 2018

These are awesome. My daughter likes to listen to music to fall asleep and regular headphones are uncomfortable. We bought these for her and they are perfect. The speakers inside the headband are flexable so they don’t hurt your head if you are laying on your side. Also the speakers are moveable inside the headband so that you can have them in just the right position. Amazing. Wish they came in adult sizes because I would get some for myself.

starfishmom845, December 30, 2016

very comfortable for my sensory sensitive child. Sound quality seems decent. The only thing worth mentioning is actually something my husband and I disagree on. The speakers move around inside the headband. This allows you to adjust where exactly you want the speakers to sit on your ears. However, this also means that my child messes with it and they slide out of place and I am constant having to readjust. My husband wanted to do a quick sewing stitch to hold them in place...but I disagree because I want to be able to slide the speakers out an wash the headband. Not sure what a solution is for keeping the speakers placed properly and still keeping the flexibility of moving them around, but I am very happy with this purchase.

Kimmaline, February 12, 2017

My 4yo daughter ADORES them, they are very comfortable and don't slip like "regular" headphones do. We had a hard plastic pair, but she chiefly uses them for what she calls "cuddles iPad", where we lie on the couch and I watch a movie while she watches shows on her iPad. Headphones make it so that I can hear my show and she can hear hers, but regular headphones slide around and are a pain. These are FABULOUS!!!!!

We had no trouble adjusting the earphones inside of the headband, it took maybe 20sec total to make it a perfect fit for her. And the cord is WAY better than I have ever seen on any other headphones. I actually don't leave a ton of reviews, but this is totally worth it!

BlueVerified Purchase, April 16, 2018

My granddaughter loves these and so does the rest of the household. We no longer have to listen to her cartoons and can listen to the radio in the car and watch our own programs at home. I love that the volume can’t go high enough to harm her ears. No more struggling with ear buds or the several sets of headphones we have purchased and they constantly fall off and are bulky and uncomfortable.

BlueVerified Purchase, June 21, 2018

Love these headphones! My little one refuses to keep anything on her head, and we have tried more traditional children's headphones with no success. With her being quite the mover these days, the only way to keep her sitting still is to turn on her favorite Netflix show. We had an upcoming plane trip planned and I bought these headphones in a last-ditch effort to keep her occupied on the plane with her show on the iPad and they worked perfectly! She left them alone majority of the time, was able to fall asleep and lay down in them on, and they are so soft and didn't irritate her at all!She is 14 months old and they fit perfectly straight out of the package. I also love that the volume is limited so I don't have to worry about her little ears. I'm honestly considering buying an adult pair for when I listen to my audiobooks in bed now…

BlueVerified Purchase, November 17, 2017

First off these are ridiculously cute, my daughter had a fit over them!! They are great quality, very soft and the ear speakers are adjustable. The most important thing I can mention is that my daughter is on the autism spectrum and has a seizure/brain condition which one of the effects is high anxiety. She cannot stand contact, itching or any such.She is 6 also. These she loves!She wears with no complaining and I can enjoy the quietness of not listening to YouTube Kids :) Excellent product, thank you!

BlueVerified Purchase, June 23, 2018

These are amazing! I bought these for an overseas flight for my 3 and 5 yr old daughters. They are comfy enough to sleep in, which is why I bought them. I downloaded story podcasts to lull them to sleep on the long flight. I high recommend for anyone traveling with kids. I read one review that complained about the actual headphone placement. You can move the headphone wherever you want it. I adjusted it for my girls with no problem.

BlueVerified Purchase, October 6, 2017

These are amazing! I wish I would have found them years ago! I'm a mom who uses the ipad as a reward and learning tool. My 5 yr old loves these! They are great for trips (folds up and stores easily) and work wonderfully around the house. They are so comfortable and easy for my 5 yr old to put on and off. No more earphones slipping off and me having to constantly adjust them. The volume max makes it so it can't blast the eardrums. Seriously best purchase I've made in 2017!!

BlueVerified Purchase, March 15, 2018

My daughter told me about these. Evidently her 6 year old saw them somewhere and got very excited about them. So naturally I had to look into them. Once I saw that the sound level was controlled and that the headband itself was washable I was in. Especially for the price. I had them sent to her at her home and she was overjoyed.


BlueVerified Purchase, January 27, 2018

my daughter loves to play on her tablet and lay on the floor. She doesn't sit still so these are great for her and all the angles shes in.The head phones are adjustable in the band. Down side is they move out of place when she takes it off. So we have to adjust them a lot. I might sew them in place with a few stitches...that should solve the problem.

BlueVerified Purchase, February 19, 2017

Best headphones! These headphones are a game changer. Super comfortable - great hear-ability. Some kids headphones are so quiet my toddler can't hear if there's any background noise at all. These have good sound quality. Fits my 3 year old great with room to grow. They don't fall off all the time like regular headphones. Plus they are super CUTE! Highly recommend. Will likely buy additional headphones for my nieces and nephews.